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Authentic experiences: holidays at our farm

Here at the Binderhof farm, we have created a place where both we and our guests can feel at home. The farm is surrounded by fruit orchards and a large garden with cosy retreats where you can unwind and recharge. Treat yourself to a real time out a world away from the daily grind!

A dream come true

More than just a farm: to us, Binderhof is a dream come true. We wanted a place that is authentic, a place where people can be themselves. Every day, we live in contact with nature, and work together as a family cultivating our apple orchards and vegetable gardens. We put our ideas into practice and work to build our daughters’ future in a way that respects nature and the environment. We will be truly delighted if you choose to spend your next holiday here at our farm!

Plenty of space for the children

The playground in our garden is equipped with a slide and other games – a real treat for the younger guests. Here, children are free to play and romp around to their heart’s content, while parents can finally put their feet up safe in the knowledge that their little ones are always in sight.

In good company

Our breakfast and relaxation room is the perfect place to enjoy a tasty breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere, meet new people or spend an evening together with your family, watching TV or playing board games.

A holiday for all the senses

Shrubs covered in colourful blossoms. The rustling of the leaves in the wind. The scent of herbs and vegetables. See, smell, hear, taste, feel: in our 2,000 m² garden, you can experience nature with all your senses. Lovingly designed niches are there for you to relax, while the grill offers you the chance to end your day in style with a nice barbecue. Sit back on a lounger under the trees and enjoy the simple luxury of idleness!
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